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Our office is open on Monday through Friday between the hours of 08.30 and 16.30 but we close on weekends and public holidays.

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Alpine Components Ltd
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01424 858118
After extensive usage or periods of inactivity, the accuracy, performance and reliability of an instrument can decline, which is why we recommend sending equipment back to the manufacturer for calibration on an annual basis.

Only the original manufacturer has the apparatus, expertise, replacement parts and software to disassemble and service their products without causing damage or voiding the warranty.

Their trained technicians complete an exhaustive series of tests and adjustments to ensure that measurements are both correct and repeatable in as many environments as possible.
Components showing signs of wear and tear are often replaced at no extra charge but major repairs are quoted separately after inspection and only undertaken with the customer's consent.

The firmware is also updated to the latest version, which can add features and fix bugs.

Once this work has been completed, a new calibration certificate is issued by the manufacturer as evidence that the equipment conforms to its original specifications and design.
Serviceable Products
Infrared Cameras
Arrange an annual calibration of your IR camera to ensure that temperature measurements are accurate and repeatable, as well as maintain the condition of internal and external components that can degrade and impact on performance.

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Thickness Gauges
We can also service ultrasonic thickness gauges, which is carried out by the manufacturer using equipment that's traceable to national standards and provides a new calibration certificate.

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Ultrasonic Detectors
We recommend calibrating ultrasonic detectors (such as the Ultraprobe) every 12 months to keep the equipment in good condition and ensure that decibel readings and trends can be relied upon.

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"Alpine Components" is the abbreviated trading name for "Alpine Components Limited"
The company has been trading since 1991 and was incorporated on 13/11/2006 in the United Kingdom

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