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Our office is open on Monday through Friday between the hours of 08.30 and 16.30 but we close on weekends and public holidays.

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We have a responsibility to help educate industry professionals on matters relating to asset reliability, best maintenance practices and energy reduction, which collectively can be critical to a company's long-term performance.

With that in mind, we're delighted to organise our 8th series of seminars, which give managers, engineers and apprentices a perfect opportunity to better understand these topics.

Our seminars are going to run at the end of April at 3 venues in England and we've lined up 4 terrific speakers who are experts in their fields.
A buffet lunch is included, as well as refreshments throughout the day, and we only charge a small amount of money to come along, which allows us to cover our venue costs, travel expenses, administration fees and time booking everything.

Spaces are limited, so please get in touch as soon as possible if you're interested in attending and would like to receive more information.
08.45: Arrival

09.00: Sustainable Reliability
Andy Gailey from Uptime Consultant has in excess of 30 years of experience in the aerospace, automotive and food sectors, and will be kicking the day off with a look at autonomous maintenance, condition monitoring, root cause analysis and many other modern processes and strategies.

10.00: Interval

10.15: Vibration Analysis
Dean Whittle is a highly regarded instructor at the Reliability Training Institute and will give our audience an overview of VA, which will explore fundamental concepts, measurement techniques, applications, spectrum analysis and more.

11.15: Interval

11.30: Ultrasound Detection
There's nobody more passionate or qualified to talk about ultrasonic inspection equipment than our trainer Micky Jackson, which is why he'll be discussing and demonstrating the benefits of using ultrasound technology to assess the condition of rotating equipment, detect electrical discharge, identify defective steam traps and passing valves, and locate compressed air and nitrogen leaks.
12.30: Lunch

13.15: Infrared Thermography
Jon Willis has been delivering industry-leading training courses on behalf of FLIR Systems and the Infrared Training Center for just shy of 2 decades, and will be sharing some of his expertise by explaining how hand-held and fixed-mounted infrared cameras (combined with analytical and reporting software) can diagnose building problems, electrical issues and mechanical faults.

14.15: Interval

14.30: Motion Amplification
And finally, Dean Whittle will end the seminar by showing everyone an exciting new way of measuring and visualising vibration in real-time using a high-speed camera, which connects to software that analyses every pixel and frame, amplifies microscopic movements and creates a video that almost anyone can understand.

15.30: Departure
Dates & Venues
24th April 2018
Hazlewood Castle Hotel
Paradise Lane
North Yorkshire
LS24 9NJ

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25th April 2018
Weston Hall Hotel
Weston Lane
CV12 9RU

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26th April 2018
Chilworth Manor Hotel
SO16 7PT

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