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Our office is open on Monday through Friday between the hours of 08.30 and 16.30 but we close on weekends and public holidays.

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We've decided to expand our business with the introduction of on-site services for companies in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Starting immediately, we can book leak detection surveys using ultrasonic inspection equipment, which identify argon, compressed air and nitrogen leaks from long distances in noisy plants.

Although these gases are very costly, a lot of companies struggle to carry out regular checks and repairs due to a lack of manpower, equipment, training or support from senior management.

Our surveys are conducted by skilled and qualified personnel that are used to working in difficult conditions and adhering to strict safety guidelines.
As we identify each leak, the engineer will tag the location to make it easy to find again later and take a photograph to accompany our final report.

In addition to photos, our report will also include estimated costs for every leak, which are based on UE Systems' patented cost calculation formula, along with descriptions and recommended actions.

We're excited about this new direction for the business and we're planning to further extend our services in 2017 to cover alternative uses of ultrasound as well as introduce technologies such as thermography and vibration analysis.
Leak Detection Survey
Arrange an on-site survey to identify expensive compressed air or nitrogen leaks, which are subsequently detailed in a full report with photos, costings and notes that will speed up repairs as well as justify the expenditure to management.

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