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We offer a variety of excellent training courses, which are ideal for maintenance professionals that use different techniques to proactively uncover mechanical and electrical problems.

Our offerings usually cover either thermography, ultrasound or vibration analysis, but we also organise courses that combine 2 or more of these technologies together, which gives attendees a wider appreciation of different concepts, strategies and terminology used in industry.

Some of these courses can be held on the customer's premises for a big group of engineers, which often includes a strong emphasis on instrument operation, on-site data collection, software and practical exercises in the classroom.
However, the majority of courses are held around the UK at different venues and give apprentices, consultants, technicians and managers the theory and knowledge they need to do their jobs.

A few of these off-site courses are also certified and give participants the opportunity to earn a qualification that's recognised internationally.

Our in-house trainer is certified to Level 2 in both thermography and ultrasound, and we partner with a few external organisations that use instructors certified to Level 3 in their chosen profession.
Infrared Cameras
Introduction To Thermography Course
Attend this 1-day training course to better understand the key concepts and many benefits of infrared technology, as well as learn to take accurate temperature measurements and put together basic inspection reports.

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Level 1 Thermography Course
With this 4-day course, new and experienced users of IR cameras will learn the theory and skills necessary to become certified thermographers that feel proficient in most aspects of the technology, equipment and software.

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Level 2 Thermography Course
Expand your knowledge and appreciation of the science behind infrared by sitting this 5-day course, which is aimed at thermographers who specialise in this field and need a deeper technical insight.

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Level 3 Thermography Course
After completing this 4-day training course, attendees will be able to produce written inspection and safety procedures for others to follow on-site, carry out cost analysis, perform in-house training, and use advanced techniques during data capture, image analysis and report generation.

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On-site Infrared Camera Training
Organise an on-site course for a group of engineers and technicians to learn how to use any IR camera, which covers basic theory, camera operation, practical exercises and PC reporting software.

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CBM & PdM Foundation Course
We've introduced this 4-day course to teach attendees the fundamentals of condition monitoring and preventative maintenance, ultrasound, thermography and vibration analysis, which is accomplished through a mix of theory, discussion and hands-on exercises and simulations.

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Combined Infrared & Ultrasound Course
Complete this short 2-day training course to learn many important aspects of infrared and ultrasound, which are 2 technologies that work together to enable engineers to see and hear problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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Ultrasonic Detectors
Level 1 Ultrasound Course
During this 5-day accredited course, users of ultrasonic inspection equipment will learn about the theory, principles and practices of ultrasound technology for non-destructive testing.

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On-site Ultraprobe Training
We can train a group of engineers and technicians on your premises to better utilise any Ultraprobe, which covers basic theory, instrument operation, data collection and PC software.

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Vibration Meters
Introduction To Vibration Analysis Course
We've organised this 1-day introductory course for new starters, apprentices, managers or consultants that need a technical understanding of the key concepts and terminology relating to vibration.

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Level 1 Vibration Analysis Course
This 4-day training course will teach beginners everything that they need in order to start making a meaningful contribution to an already established vibration monitoring programme on-site.

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Level 2 Vibration Analysis Course
We offer a 5-day course for vibration analysts who have mastered the basics and want to explore some more difficult applications and fault conditions, delve deeper in to balancing and alignment, as well as learn to optimally configure their data collector and make extensive use of PC software.

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"Alpine Components" is the abbreviated trading name for "Alpine Components Limited"
The company has been trading since 1991 and was incorporated on 13/11/2006 in the United Kingdom

Company Registration Number: 05996485
VAT Number: GB583598190