Alpine Components Ltd is now closed

Closure announcement

Thanks for visiting our website. My name is Jonathan Hill and I'm currently the Managing Director at Alpine Components.

Unfortunately, we announced in October 2018 that we would be closing the business after 28 years of supplying equipment and related services for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

We'll therefore be appointing a liquidator in December 2018 to start a Members' Voluntary Liquidation, which means we're solvent and choosing to bring the company to an end. All of our existing commitments and responsibilities with customers and suppliers will be completed before then.

Although most of us are leaving the industry, my colleague Micky Jackson has decided to start a new company called Baseline - RTS, which will be offering consultancy and training courses to companies that want to improve maintenance and reliability. Micky is certified to Level II in ultrasound and Level III in thermography and has more than 11 years of on-site experience. You can call Micky on 07864 050542 or e-mail

It's been a privilege to work here for the past 14 years and I'd like to wish everyone reading this message all the best for 2019 and beyond.

Good luck, take care and thank you :)

A few words of appreciation

An enormous thank you first of all to everyone that's ever been employed by Alpine Components since 1991: Ahmed Nawaz, Andy Boyd, Chloe Wickens, Ciaran Adam, Helen Turton, Jeremy and Kim Lineham (the founders), Maurice Camp, Micky Jackson, Mike Trim, Mish Standen, Niall McCarthy, Rachel Scott, Tina Munro and Toni Simmonds.

Thanks as well to the following suppliers for giving us the opportunity to represent their products and services over the years: Agilent Technologies (formerly known as Varian), ALL-TEST Pro, BARTEC and PIXAVI,
Baugh & Weedon, CorDEX Instruments, Cygnus Instruments,
EA Technology, ecom instruments, Extech Instruments, Extronics,
FLIR Systems and the Infrared Training Center, Fluke (and Raytek before), IRISS, Micronics, Monitran, Reliability Maintenance Solutions and the
RMS Training Institute, Sewerin and UE Systems.

And finally, we want to thank all of our customers that made this journey so memorable for us. We've been fortunate to work with some amazing individuals who are very passionate about what they do, and we simply can't thank those people enough for their kindness, generosity and support.